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• How much does a wedding cost?

The price of your wedding depends on a variety of factors, such as:

- Will your event be on a Tuesday or a Saturday? (A Tuesday would be much cheaper.)

- How many guests will you invite? (When your guest count goes up, so does the price.)

- Which of our packages will you choose, and how will you customize it?

What we can say is that we’ve done $2,000 weddings and we’ve done $20,000 weddings—it all depends on your desires and your budget.

• Will you hold my wedding date?

Our available dates are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Once the initial room deposit is made the room is now yours on for your requested date.


• How much is the deposit to confirm rental of the space?

We require a $500 deposit be made to hold the date.  We accept checks, credit cards or cash.  You can make the payment in person during your initial consultation, by mail or over the phone. Never fear! All payments you make are credited to your final balance.


• How do the rest of the payments work?

Your second payment is 50% of your estimated head count and is due 120 days (4 months) before your wedding date. Your final payment is based on your final headcount and is due no later than 10 days prior to your event (credit cards, cash or certified checks please—personal checks are only acceptable for the two previous payments)


• What is your cancellation policy?

Room reservation fees and all payments made, regardless of due date, are non-transferable and non-refundable if you cancel the function.  If the event is cancelled within 45 days of the date, the full amount of all estimated charges will be due to Alexandria’s.


• What is the service charge?

Service Charge is a 20% fee charged on all of Alexandria’s services.  Service charge is an industry standard (almost every venue you will see during your comparison shopping will charge an 18%-22% service charge). The service charge covers the costs of Alexandria’s investment of time to prepare for and staff your event. Gratuities (tips) are not included and are voluntary.


• Is there a minimum or a food and beverage minimum?

Some venues require a ‘guest minimum’; some venues require a ‘food and beverage’ minimum; Alexandria’s has a ‘revenue minimum’. The revenue minimum is a certain dollar amount (before tax and service charge) that you commit to spend. Because it is a ‘revenue minimum’ it includes room rental, food, and beverage costs. The revenue minimum varies based on the day of the week you choose.  Short-term, and mid-week events have the lowest minimums.  When you book your event you lock in your minimum – it will not go up after the fact. When you come in for a consultation your proposal (or proposals) will have the minimum for the date (or dates) you are considering.


• Can our final guest count change?

The final guest count is due no later than 3 weeks before your event— once we have your final guest count we will issue your remining amount due and your final payment should be made no later than 10 days before the event date.


• Are there different prices for children?

Children aged three and under are free, but we still need to know how many are coming for seating purposes.  Children under the age of 6 will receive $4 off food packages and anyone under the age of 21 will receive $4 off the combined drink package total.  Final totals for children and anyone under the age of 21 need to be submitted when the final head count is due, once submitted they cannot be changed.  If they are not submitted at the time of the final headcount you willbe charged full price for all guests.


• Does Alexandria’s carry liability insurance?

Yes, we carry our own liability insurance.



• How does catering work?

When Alexandria’s hosts your event, you get to treat your guests to Alexandria’s amazing food and beverage services!  All our food options are served via buffet, including vegetarian, gluten-free and other special meal options for those with special dietary needs.  If you plan on having guests come to your event after the dinner portion, you still must pay the same per-person price for those guests as ones who will be eating. We do not allow anyone to take home leftovers for health and safety reasons.


• How does alcohol work?

Alexandria’s has the liquor license and is responsible for all beer and liquor served on the premises. For this reason, we do not allow any outside alcohol. We do include a full stocked bar and bar tender with each package and we offer a variety of affordable hosted bar options that you can add onto any package. If you have a special request let us know and we will try to accommodate you.


• Can I have guests come after my meal service?

We charge a per person price no matter when your guest arrives or leaves. We will do a head count at various times of your event to ensure the most accurate number. The pricing of the packages and services are per person and not based solely on consumption of food and beverages.


• Can we take home leftover food?

Possible liability consequences prohibit any food or beverages to be taken off the premises.



• I booked my wedding date with Alexandria’s – now what do I need to do?

Take a deep breath! We will set up our next meeting, at your convenience, 3-4 months prior to the event to go over any questions you may have and finalize as many details as possible.  If you wish to have a food tasting we will have the tasting on this date as well. 


• What kind of food tastings do you offer?

We offer food tastings for up to (6) guests.  You get to choose (4) meats and (4) side options to try at your tasting.  You will have the opportunity to meet with our Executive Chef and ask any questions you may have about food.  The standard cost per person is $25 and will be added to the final event bill.


• Does Alexandria’s provide their own vendors or are we required to bring our own?

We can provide you with a list of recommended vendors through our partnership with Your Prefect Day Event Planning or you can bring in your own vendors (DJ, photographer, florist, baker).  The only requirements we have is all food and beverage must be purchased through Alexandria’s.


• How many hours in advance will I have access to the facility?

You can have access to Alexandria’s up to three hours before your event. Anything earlier than that is based on availability – ask an event manager for additional pricing for early access.


• What A/V equipment do you provide?

We can provide one microphone and a projection screen. You can bring your own additional equipment if you’d like, or ask your DJ about what he or she can bring along!



• How long can a wedding reception be?

For a standard reception you get five hours from start to finish—a perfect amount of time for a cocktail hour and reception! If you would like to add on the ceremony or additional time that can be arranged – just ask and we will get you additional pricing information.


• Who will be my main contact on the day of the wedding?

There is always a manager or a lead event staff coordinator on site.  He or she will be available for you as needed on the day of your event to ensure things go as planned.

• Can I bring my own decorations?

Sure! We love when couples bring in personal touches and DIY projects—just make sure you run everything you plan to use by our event management team to ensure all elements are Alexandria’s-approved. (For example, please don’t bring confetti, loose glitter or flower petals that will make a mess all over the floor) We can even advise you about what sort of décor would work well with your vision and theme!



 • Where does everyone park?

The Downtown Findlay Parking Garage is located directly next door to Alexandria’s and rates are $1 per hour up to 5 hours.  Guests parked for longer than 5 hours will only be charged $5.


• How much is your staff involved with setting up and tearing down for events?

Alexandria’s staff sets up all tables, chairs, linens and dinnerware.  At the end of the event we will clean up any remaining decorations for pickup anytime after 3pm the following day.

• Do you allow candles?

Yes, we do.  However, they must be in some type of glass container and below the surface of the glass container.




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